Fresh, extravagant, romantic, here is the new Agogoa Spring Summer 2017 collection.

The denim bikini is reconfirmed, this time revisited with a new technique that makes it even more special, a bright gold coating with a "liquid" effect, the optical is again an ever-green by Brand Agogoa, softened by a degradé effect, sorbet colors, pink, green and blue pass from the micro to the macro on the bases of iridescent perlè effect microtulle and are masterfully positioned to emphasize the silhouette.

The prints are inspired by the ties of Swinging London of the '60s: micro floral always moderate by sorbet colors are interspersed with even more romantic notes such as colorful lace, timeless theme within the world Agogoa that draws its inspiration from the world of lingerie and expresses its utmost in babydoll coverlets.

Again from the past, this time approaching the '70s is the romantic folk tone, revisited in Squaw key that is found on the bikini in Jeans: embroidery stitches, flowers and Hippie symbols, up to bikini models inspired by the lace-up tops that change into new shapes with laces and weaves that envelop the female body creating great sensuality and personality to each garment and make the Agogoa woman an eclectic and modern traveler over time.