Military Groove Tribal Addict: is the new Pin-Up woman, the rigor and colors of the military world meet the opulence of the most irreverent decade of the '900: the' 80s.

For the next year, the bikini is dressed with insignia and martial friezes, are the degrees that the woman acquires every day and exhibits at the beach and in the pool with golden luxury details combined with colors like leather, military green up to the most romantic pink, inevitable color in the Pin-Up Stars universe.

The network concept was enriched by the concept: fan embroidery intertwined on it to define its edges, finishes reinterpreted in a Groove key, rainbow accents in purple and pink tones interspersed with the more tenuous military.

A new material faces the Beach Couture, the doubled microtulle becomes the new concept of the net / lycra mix: the unstructured bikini is born, a triangle that counts only a seam, modeling and style virtuosity.

The whole costume is a true anthem to the '80s, vertiginously skewed models are interspersed with the classic animalier that takes on a new identity with the military giving life to the camo animalier.

The prints placed, the workhorse of the brand shout at the Tribal Chic, the colors of the sunset, terracotta, sienna and the most elegant violets, are illuminated in the perfect lamé fabrics in the flowing fuoriacqua, the corset interweaves frame the necklines on the back as art, not only cover costumes but perfect evening dresses. For the most demanding and eccentric women, the new double-face bikinis: two different prints on each side to match and mix as you like, to play and have fun with the Summer in a perfect Mood Pinup!