The history of Beachwear comes from Pin-Up Stars

In 1995 the iconic Pin-Up Stars star fuxia was born.

Real revolution in the beachwear sector. The Brand, which has its roots in the know-how of the Made in Italy craftsmanship tradition, immediately develops its identity with the use of new technologies and constant research into materials.

Each collection is characterized by unique masterpieces, for all women who love to differentiate themselves with elegance, determination and personality.

It expresses research and constant innovation.

Always colorful, ironic, fun and naturally sexy, while remaining faithful to the glamourous and fashion spirit, it is constantly renewed, always with great relevance, in a Beachwear Couture context. A product of research and innovation, a production totally "Made in Italy", elaborated on principles of quality craftsmanship, created by skilled workers and with first quality materials.

Authentic Made in Italy Bikini

American and designer instinctively, Jerry Tommolini is the creator of the feats of embroidery, decorations, wearability that, together with modellers and workers who follow him in every creative experimentation, makes Pin-Up and Agogoa undisputed trendsetters.

"I look around to look at trends and do exactly the opposite," Jerry likes.

Before Pin-Up Stars, no one had ever embroidered on a swimsuit. Decorations, semi-precious stones, but above all embroidery hand-stitched on fabrics, always rich in colors and nuances, with precious decorations.

A team of ten people every day creates symphonies of yarns and colors to get to the desired prototype, to the suggestion represented on the stylist's sketch.

Pin-Up Stars Beachwear Couture

Structures of textile engineering to create perfect triangles, so each bra naturally becomes push-up, accompanying and enhancing the feminine roundness, thanks to a model that has deconstructed the cups while maintaining the characteristics of wearability.

No more underwire, only the grit of the assembled fabric underlines and accompanies the breasts, for a perfect décolleté.

The briefs have mordant, young cuts, sometimes anatomical but retaining the sophistication of the Beachwear Couture.

In addition to beachwear, Pin-Up Stars, Agogoa and Poisson d'Amour present a range of fuoriacqua, from the DNA of the brands: provocative, sophisticated, full of personality, which covers 50% of the collections.

The textile archetype of the brands is the "Dainetto": a patented fabric with an alchemical composition, able to give a suede effect but with great resistance.

The Mini Pin-Up

Pin-Up Stars is a must also for "little women" from 4 to 12 years. For them, all the proposals offered to mum trendsetter, a Pin-Up Mini collection with all the characteristics of research and attention to detail that distinguishes the brand, are resumed in miniature. Also for them a total look with prints and embroidery in mignon size. So they find crochet, semi-precious stones, exclusive prints like the fairytale series, and garments like dresses, skirts, t-shirts, shorts, shoes and accessories.